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Finding a new fixation! Reviving a project that never was…

Last year, I started talking to some of my friends who are cartoonists in an attempt to bring to life my alter ego in the form of a kick ass heroine.

I had a few conversations with two potential artists. .But life got too busy with work, preparing for PhD applications, and a whole bunch of other crap, so I just couldn’t quite materialize my fantasy self.

I never forgot about it though. It’s been poking my thoughts every once in a while. Since I really need to find my next big “side” project, I will give this another try.

I know I can’t draw. I know I have lots of creative ideas for bringing her to life.

I will start capturing every thought that crosses my mind about this legendary heroine and her superhuman powers. Was she conceived from a moral and immortal? Did she go through a metamorphosis of some type as an adult? What does she care about? Whose ass does she want to kick?

I will keep a record of these on my blog for my own reference. I’m not sure what it will look like.

In the meantime, I will try to find a good soul who will be kind enough to draw away my ideas. That is…with a very small budget, if any at all.

You may wonder if I have too much free time in my hands. The answer is…not really, but I need to keep my neurons occupied during the little time that I have. Plus, I am so curious to meet her.

First challenge —> Her name!

Below is the very first drawing that a friend of mine quickly sketched. It looks very different from what I had imagined, but I still thought it was fair to place this here. It was the very first attempt.

Some notes: I want her to resemble me, but not obviously. One of my signature hairdos is a French braid, which I can do in a matter of seconds and never fails to amaze my friends. I have very long and thick hair. I have very long legs and arms. “She” will need to have features of a serpent and spider (Yikes! Go figure…) She will not use any conventional weapons (guns, knives, etc). She will use her natural features (hint: serpent/spider) to do her damage. I want her eyes to be very powerful and hypnotizing.

On the drawing you will notice red tips on her boots, around her knees. This was one of her weapons. The red tip would be poisonous, which she could use to anihilate enemies.

She would have a photographic negative of a serpent-like shape, somewhere on her outfit, close to her chest.
Her hair/braid would work like a whip and spider(ish) web, for her to tame and catch her prey. The very tip of the braid would resemble the tail of a rattlesnake.
 120607-205624 120607-205649