“Sassi The Spider” – What does it mean?

Hello there!

What about me? If you ever met me you would probably never see any hints of the things that I write about here. I’m really good at hiding it! 🙂 I usually hide behind a very big smile, goofy jokes and straight up silliness.

I’m about 9o% senseless wackiness and 10% absolute rationality! And to make things worse, about 9.5% of my logical sobriety is applied towards my professional and academic life. So if you blink for a split second, you will most certainly not see the 0.5%, if you know what I mean.

Let’s deconstruct the name “Sassi the Spider”…I don’t think I really want to get into the “aka the Serpent Strategy” component of the name just yet. Some day…some day.

Where did “Sassi” come from?

It has nothing to do with the English word “sassy”, although I like to think I’m really sassy (tssk tssk tssk).

“Sassi” is actually short for “sassiranha”. Humm…that doesn’t help!

“Sassiranha”, or the first part of it, “sassi”, is kind of my name, but not quite, spoken with a child-like intonation who happens to have a very subtle lisp. So…very cute…

“Sassiranha”, or the second part of it “ranha” is a colloquial variation of “aranha” which happens to be the Portugese word for spider.

Hummm…now we’re getting somewhere!

But why in the world would people call me an “aranha” or spider!??? Well…that’s because I’m about 5’11” tall and when I hit puberty my growth was seriously asynchronized, such that my trunk looked like it was 1 inch short and my very skinny legs looked like they extended from my head! To make it worse, my posture was horrible because I was trying to hide my height! I hovered above most, if not all of my friends! My chest was really flat too…So uncomfortable! So I looked like a giant alien spider with a very little body accompanied by no boobs and no ass.

I looked something like this! (excuse the very basic art piece!)

It was not fun going through my teenage years looking like that and hearing all the mean jokes! Children can be so brutal!

Eventually I grew into my body and everything seems proportional now. I have boobs and an ass detectable to the eyes!

Alright! So you now understand the more literal meaning behind the name of my blog.

The not so literal meaning is very interesting…especially the “serpent strategy”…just think of the word “hypnotizing” and you are off to a good start.

I am not ready to develop on that just yet, but the more you get to know me through my blog, the closer you’ll be to understanding it.

That’s all folks!


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