I want to cry, but I can’t for some reason. I feel exposed to a crowded audience that looks and sounds familiar. They’re all inverted images of what seems to be the same face.

Every upside down, round, skinny, upright, hourglass shaped face is staring right back at me. Some are frowning, some are sad, others are simply confused, angry, perplexed, unmotivated, some are just staring into space with a “lost” look, and very few are smiling from where I’m standing now.

There have been few instances in my life in which I had such a disconsolate audience. I usually don’t get to perform in front of such a resigned bunch.

I’ll have to keep taking my long breaths for now, until these faces start to become neutral and eventually brighter.

Or maybe I should figure out how to loosen up this knot on my throat…Yes, that’s what I’m going to do.

<a very disappointed sassi the spider>


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