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Thoroughly unimpressed…

Alright! Too many coincidences in one week! And now “Sandy” is about too hit New England with her awesome power!

So…do you remember I wrote about a certain someone who managed to live steathily in my radar? hummm, for shits and giggles let’s call him my very own “F-117 Nighthawk”.

I guess my radar is not so conventional after all…(aka “the serpent strategy”—> another completely different story). ūüôā

I guess his¬†best efforts employing his¬†cutting-edge¬†observable passive low observable features, low probability of intercept radars, radios and laser designators, did not manage to get past my POWERS…

Instead…he just surrendered. After all that effort! Funny…and not very surprising.

So I sucked it up and went to meet him. But this time I brought a friend as part of my strategy. See…they have very similar personalities. Intelligent…trying way too hard to impress their wisdom upon others…insecure…well-intentioned…plus…if I had not brought her I wouldn’t have much to say after all his stealth strike.

Let’s just say, I am a straight shooter!

Another plus…while I don’t know him at all…I’ve know her for almost 20 years. She has my best interest at heart. So I trusted her to do her job <unknowingly>. And so she did! And I just observed.

Wow…Wow…is all I can say. I have been fundamentally wrong about him, all along!

Yes, he is very intelligent —> a plus by the way

Yes, he is very engaging —> also a plus

No, he does not have his shit together —> humm…I suddenly see a negative slope to this hill

He is way too wired, to the point of exhaustion. I wonder what it must be like living in his head. Not really.

He shows some very fundamental signs of insecurity…father related? Maybe…

The cherry on the top of this¬†delicious cake was…he¬†had the company of a very average young and seemingly clueless woman¬†(to put it extremely nicely).

It was like watching a movie in the 4th dimension. Very entertaining, at times deflating and (un)motivating, but definitely interesting.

As I watched my deliberate choice of friend and “F-117 Nighthawk”¬†dialogue away,¬†I completely withdrew. I intently observed.

I was utterly depressed by his commonness. My initial, now 3-month old deep interest in him, was drowned in the dampness of reality.

How sad…

Now I understand why his eyes “angled down” as I tried to take a deeper dive months ago… (

He is scared of showing himself!

Shit! I don’t need this…I’ve “mastered” this for almost 7 years! This is crazy!

I have nothing else to say…

—> a very disenchanted Sassi the Spider


Twice in a week!?

Ok! This is way too much coincidence and COMPLETELY unexpected considering the venue.

I saw the “not so recent angel” AGAIN! This time, at¬†a place that I thought was not his cup of tea at all.

The show had ended, and as I’m walking out with my date, there he was! How is it that in a crowd of hundreds moving towards the exit, I spotted him? Damn!

This time I chose to just watch. I didn’t really care to say hi. So I did watch… ūüôā

He had a girl with him. I felt a bit happy inside if you know what I mean. I know! I am mean! We all have these thoughts!

I¬†saw him walk away and thought that was it. Especially¬†because my date wanted to exit the club using a different door. But as we walk outside…THERE HE WAS! What???????

I walked a bit slow to give him a chance to keep walking away, but the pace wasn’t very good. I ended up walking right in front of him and his girl! Really?

I kept walking and talking…

At one point, I see somebody rocket speed walking to my left and taking a small shortcut toward the subway. BY HIMSELF! Where was the girl?

He avoided me like a little child…so strange. I really wonder why…it’s both funny, perplexing, and sad!

That’s all I’ve got in me for this post…

A teenage girl’s entry

I saw him walking in my direction from a distance…I had an internal monologue that could be turned into a movie…all in 5 seconds.

My heart started pounding a bit, my face was burning hot, and I wasn’t sure what to say. <in the same 5 seconds>

Good thing I had two friends with me. Their oblivious psychological support was what kept me walking in his direction and said “Hi”.

As expected, with his statuesque stance, he just remained stiff exactly where he stopped and said <oh! hi> Almost as if he was startled and a bit afraid?

sassi – How have you been?

not so recent angel – Oh, I’ve been good…working hard

sassi – It’s been a while…oh! This is my friend <friend 1> and <friend 2> (and they shook hands)

not so recent angel (still keeping a safe distance from the three of us) РHow have you been? Where are you guys headed to?

sassi – I’ve been great…oh…<friend 1> this is “not so recent angel”. You are finally meeting him!

<friend 1> – No kidding! Wait! It took me a second but I know who you are! She told me about your brother who lives in Colorado. Oh I love that place. I wanna go snowboarding there so bad. (in a very girly tone)

sassi – Oh yeah…<friend 1> loves snowboarding! So I told her about your brother. She’s gonna manage to crash in your brother’s place one of these days. She used to ask all the time…and I told her “come on! No!” (in a worried but funny tone)

Not so recent angel, just stood there, a bit awkward, not very comfortable. I wanted to finish the strange and somewhat uncomfortable encounter so I looked towards the bar we were going to. As if I wanted to hint that it was ok to end the conversation.

sassi – Good to see you. Where are you going?

not so recent angel – I’m going home. I have to wake up early tomorrow.

sassi – Oh yes…you have an early schedule….that’s right. Ok…come here, give me a hug. (as I attempted to make him feel a bit more comfortable and feel some of our body heat.)

What surprised me is that I gave him a pretty loose and lifeless hug. He, on the other hand, and to my surprise, gave me a very tight hug that lasted more than the strange encounter that we had just had. I had to use subtle body languague to cease the hug.

I liked the tight hug.

I walked away with so many questions! My face was burning hot! I wanted to ask him so many other questions! But the timing was a bit off I think.

I like him.

Thank you once again my “not so recent angel” for having been so decent,¬†awesome and pivotal a few months ago when I really needed that.